“It sounds like hyperbole but Keri is literally one of the most impressive people I’ve ever deal with — in any field. She gets an A+ in every single category — integrity, hard work, passion, attention to detail, people skills, knowledge of her business, etc.  She’s operating at the very highest level in her field. We worked with her over about six months and she responded to every single one of my emails inside of 30 minutes. We were house-hunting in Menlo Park and she seemed to know the exact details of every single house in town — sales history, square footage, who used to live there, who lives there now, etc. It’s truly amazing. She grew up in Atherton and she literally knows everybody and everything about the real estate market. We had to bid against 7 other buyers to get our house and she calmly managed the whole process and got us our dream house. We wanted to get a bunch of stuff done (roof, yard, new heating, kitchen, etc) inside of 5 weeks. Keri immediately put us in touch with all the right contractors, told us how much each job should cost and overall gave us invaluable advice on how to go about our renovation. She was still helping us long, long after we closed on the house — when most realtors would have moved on to the next sale. ”G.H.

“And if I can add my appreciation. Until just recently I was responsible for 5,000 employees and a $2 billion budget. I’ve done and seen a lot of negotiating and that was one of the most masterful performances I’ve seen, from the staging, the positioning of the house with the brokers and buyers, the support of the price, the creation of momentum, through the bidding and the close. There is no question in our minds that choosing you brought us several hundred thousand more dollars. That is pretty amazing. And, you were a pleasure to work with. ”Dan

“I want to thank you for the successful sale of my mom’s house, especially in view of this very difficult financial climate. Your team delivered as promised in fixing up the house in a timely fashion. Your skill at negotiation secured for us an excellent price and a speedy sale.”Helen McKelligon

“We’d recently moved to the area from out of state. Not only did Keri’s guidance help us to minimize the time we needed to find a new place, her extensive network delivered a “360 view” before, during and long after our move. She’s a walking, talking “Who’s Who” guide to the Peninsula!! Bottomline: If you want a Realtor that seeks first to fully understand your needs and then executes 200% on your behalf – you need Keri.”Dee B.

“We love our real estate agent, Keri Nicholas, and we cannot recommend her enough to anyone considering the purchase of property in the peninsula. I won’t go through her long list of qualifications – her real estate pedigree speaks for itself. What really impressed us was her grasp of the real estate market – drive down any street in Atherton or Menlo Park, point at a house and she will tell you sale date, price, lot size and if was a good buy.”Shahzad Chowdry

“Thank you for your persistence and for your ongoing thoughtful communications with our family. I’ve been holding back, but I do want you to know – now that breathing is in order – that you have orchestrated the impossible.”Michael Kiely

“Keri was fantastic to work with. A complete professional. She is energetic, efficient, patient and incredibly easy to work with. She was always available when we needed her. I really can’t recommend Keri highly enough. She was a great resource for us – from helping us find a house (we absolutely LOVE), learn the area, and introduc- ing us to her vast network of people to help us get settled. She made sure the whole process was so easy for us and truly seamless.”Jennifer Sweeney

“Thank you for all that you’ve done for us with both buying this house and your role in selling the Cascade house. We are simply so grateful to you for your time, responsiveness, candor and skill in both processes and are grateful for the great outcome on both. We would be honored and very happy to be a reference for you should you need yet another glowing one.”Josh & Becca Keller

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